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Medication / Supplement Review & Analysis

Includes 2 x 30 minute sessions

1 payment of $199.00

Are you already taking medications? Would you like to potentially downsize your pillbox?

Did you know that medications (over-the-counter and prescription) and supplements (vitamins, minerals, herbs, etc) affect individuals differently, depending on age, race, sex, and other factors? For example, women metabolize many drugs at a different rate than men. Your ethnicity affects how you metabolize or respond to certain medications. In addition, when multiple medications and supplements are combined, the potential for harmful drug interactions increases. Are you taking appropriate doses at the most optimal time? Are you unknowingly taking unnecessary medications that could be wasting your money and placing you at risk for adverse effects? Could your medications / supplements be contributing to fatigue, insomnia, depression, muscle aches, anxiety, or blood sugar issues? Are the foods you're eating interfering with the ability of your medications and supplements to work? How might changes in daily routine / habits impact your specific medication / supplement needs? Or, how might your medications be affecting your ability to accomplish your day-to-day goals and tasks?

If you have any of these questions, this service will be worth your investment. As a PharmD and health coach, I look at all the above factors, and more. My intention is to help people REDUCE their need for medications. Based on the information you provide about your medication / supplement regimen, I will compile a summary of any potential medication-related concerns, ways to optimize your medications, and strategies for avoiding, reducing or even eliminating your need for medications. Please note, if you are taking greater than 15 medications / supplements, I ask that you go ahead and book a Free "Fitting" Call (about 10 minutes duration) with me first, and have the details on number of meds you are taking. As the number of medications / supplements increases, the amount of time I need to invest for review also increases. We can discuss adjustment in pricing for the extra time during the free "fitting" call.

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