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12-Week Health Coaching Program

Includes 11 x 30 minute sessions + 1 x 60 minute session

Initial payment of $150.00 + 5 payments of $100.00
- OR - Single payment of $595.00 (save $55.00)

Are you ready to improve your wellbeing and happiness, but feeling conflicted, overwhelmed, disappointed, or just plain tired of trying to decipher what information out there could actually help YOU? Do you want guidance and support to get going? If so, this 12-Week program could really set you on your path to a better way of living.

We'll use what I call Wellness Mapping, a process that will uncover what works for YOU–not what worked for your mom, or your best friend, or some celebrity. We'll start by identifying your “current location” on your wellness map. This entails a comprehensive review of the following: any medications and supplements you take; your health history and biggest concerns; your current habits and routines related to food, exercise, sleep, stress control, social support, and fun. Next, we'll work through a series of self-assessment exercises to bring to life your vision of where you want to be–the "journey" you want to take–and we'll map your route together.

Throughout your 12-week program, I will challenge you to discover YOUR unique tendencies and preferences, and empower you to leverage them to improve the way you live each day (ie, your ongoing processes, habits, and routines). Engaging in the Wellness Mapping process will thus enable you to improve your health for the long-term–not just until a particular "goal" is attained. This journey is all about YOU as a unique individual, unlike anyone else. You'll discover how best to control your weight, your stress, your cravings. It's also possible to achieve better sleep, more peace of mind, a happier outlook, more fun in your life. A healthier body. A sharper mind. Less pain and inflammation. Better digestion. Feeling balanced. Avoiding, reducing, or even eliminating medication needs. All of these are possible and you have the ability to make it happen.

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